The Beauty Cupboard: The Body Scrub Minus 417

I just wanted to share with you one of the products that I have become absolutely addicted to since moving to France.

It’s the Minus 417 body scrub or Aromatic Body Peel to go by its official name.   I was helping a friend at Les Nautical Salon (which is an exhibition for all things nautical) and in the short time it took my friend to pop to the bathroom and return, I had two women ask me if I knew where the stand was with the body scrubs.  One women said that she had bought some at the same show last year and had come back just to buy more!  That was it, I was intrigued and needed to know what this product was, and as soon as my friend returned I went on my own search for this miracle treatment.

When I found the stand, I wasn’t disappointed, I was immediately introduced to the world of the moisturising body scrub.  Now, I’ve always been a bit of a fan of a good body scrub but was use to having to moisturise straight afterwards to stop my skin from drying out.  With the Minus 417 body scrub there is no need (although they do suggest that you do so), it is ‘honestly’ amazing how the oils just seep into your skin not only leaving it feeling and looking super fresh and clear but also, so incredibly soft.


Picture taken with phone…sorry!

You only need to use it once a week and a little goes a long way making it more than worth the 25€ that I purchased it for at the show (it normal retails for 29€).  The body scrub should be used after your normal body wash so as not to wash away the essential oils.  As the salt grains are quite large rub gently in circular motions on the skin to remove the dead skin cells.  You only need to use water to wash away the salt, and you will be left with rejuvenated, supple, glowing skin as soft as a baby’s bottom.  You can also chose from different aromas, I originally wanted Milk and Honey but it was sold out so I went with the Kiwi and Mango which has a nice light, fruity fragrance.

Minus 417 was started in Israel and is renown for its use of minerals from the dead sea.  I haven’t used any of their other products although I have their Aromatic Body Butter that I haven’t tried yet.  Minus 417 is available throughout France and online here.

I would love to hear if you’ve tried this body scrub and what you think about it?

Bisou for now



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