Boutique of the Month: Chewö Couture

You know sometimes you meet those truly inspiring people! I’ve been lucky enough to have met quite a few so far, the most recent in the form of designer and tailor Mouss Adame.

Self taught Mouss created his first collection at just 16 years of age.  After a stint sewing in a factory in Marseille Mouss was able to create his label and promote it with the help of  Maison Méditerranéenne des Métiers de la Mode or the M-MMM for short.  Now at just 23 Mouss has been featured in the press throughout France in publications such as Elle magazine and La Provence newspaper.  He has won awards such as Les Trophées de l’economie, Talents des Cités and Graines de Boss. As if that wasn’t enough Mouss has also had a capsule collection in major department store Galeries Lafayette and can now be found in Parisian store Antonelli on the infamous Champs Élysées. Did I mention he’s just 23!

I was fortunate enough to grab a few minutes with super busy Mouss who is organising a fashion show for the official opening of his shop Chewö Couture on the 16th November. He gave me a quick tour of the shop and explained that he designed everything including the luxurious leather bags.  The majority of his work is from his made to measure suits, where the client can choose from an array of quality fabrics, have their measurement taken and then have the suit delivered to them anywhere in the world.  With his suits being worn all over France, Monaco and Russia Mouss is well in demand.

It was really an inspiration to talk to Mouss and hear and see the passion he has for his work.

If your unable to attend the opening of Chewö Couture take a look at what you’re missing here, and if you’re visiting Aix-en-Provence why not take home a custom made suit by this talented and humble, up and coming, young designer.

The official opening of Chewö Couture is Saturday 16th November from 7pm for more information contact Chewö Couture below.

Chewö Couture

19 Rue Courteissade

13100 Aix-en-Provence

+33 4 42 27 27 62














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