Sunday Decor: All Lit Up

After seeing these posts from This Chicks Got Style and The Fashion Guitar I’ve become a bit obsessed with neon lights and lightboxes.  I’m loving them as an alternate choice to your standard wall light or lamps, have a look and let me know what you think?



8088793811_11250407b6_z neon_21-682x1024 Neon2 neonsign5-560x373 prodbar_large tumblr_mwxc4lPWE31sj56abo3_500 tumblr_mwxc4lPWE31sj56abo2_500

You can purchase the lightboxes from BXXLGHT and Parkhouse Lighting


Photo Credits: Peak of Tres Chic, A Pair & A Spare, English Muse

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