Should it stay or should it go: 6 tips on what clothes to throw out

I always find getting rid of clothes from my closet so hard, I know I have to do it but it’s always like, ‘humph, do I have to’, especially if I have emotional ties to something.  An item can remind me of travels, fun times with family and friends, a certain little boutique that I may never have the chance to visit again…Does this happen to you too?  So how do I decide what goes and what stays, here are some of my tips:

  • If it’s damaged beyond repair (and you know that you’re not going to get it repaired (be honest with yourself here)), stained, old, worn out, it has to go – no questions asked!
  • If it doesn’t fit – the same as above.  I don’t believe in slimming into something!  If you put the effort and hard work into losing weight you deserve to go buy yourself something new, don’t hang on to the old.  Also, I know I have broken sometimes and thought, ‘Ohh, those shoes are just a tiny bit too small,  but I can wear them when I don’t have to do a lot of walking’, or they’ll stretch…NO!  If they haven’t stretched by now, they ain’t gonna,  take it as a learning experience and let them go.  The same can go for items that are too big if they make you look twice the size you are, either take them to get altered or let someone who they will fit have the opportunity to love them.
  • Not my style – as we grew personally so does our style, there are items that I have loved and still love but I know that  I won’t wear because it’s just not my style anymore.  Ask yourself if you would buy it now if you saw it in a shop? If no that’s ok, let it go to a new home where it can get the life it deserves, being worn proudly by someone who loves it. It also means more room in the closet for items that fit your style now.
  • It doesn’t make you feel good – you should feel good in your clothes.  If you wear an item and it makes you feel uncomfortable, you’re always fiddling with it or a bit self-conscious, let it go.  You’ll end up never wearing it however much you love it, give that space over to something that makes you feel fabulous.
  •  Don’t put it back in the closet – Keep a box for the clothes that come under any of the above categories.  Don’t put them back in your wardrobe,  you know at that moment why you don’t like it or what’s wrong with it.   There’s no need to put it back in your closet you’ll only forget about it until next time and think the same things all over again.  It also helps when it’s time for the closet spring clean or seasonal changeover, it won’t take as long as you have cleared as you’ve gone along.
  • Take items to the recycling, charity/consignment shop or put up for sale frequently – This way you won’t be tempted to work those items back into your closet.

I know it’s popular belief that if you haven’t worn an item for a year or more it should go, this is a hard theory for me myself to follow.  Even if I haven’t worn something often and it still fits, it’s still my style and I love it I won’t throw it out. I have gone years without wearing something and then all of a sudden I’ll find that magic piece to go with it or just start to wear it and I’ve been so glad that I hadn’t thrown it away.  What do you guys think about this theory, have you ever thrown something out and regretted it later?

I try to recycle my clothes by either reusing the fabric for little DIY projects (also nice for those items with emotional value), rags for household chores, donating to charity shops or passing on to family and friends.  I also have an Instagram online shop here sharing preloved and some never worn items, so stop by and have a look.  If your outside Europe, you can email me directly for shipping rates.

Hope these little tips help for those times when you’re wondering ‘should it stay or should it go’?





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