Saturday Shopping: Adidas x Farm

Hi guys,

A super quick Saturday shopping post this week.  Adidas has teamed up with one of my favourite Brazilian high street brands ‘Farm‘, which originates from Rio de Janeiro itself.  I discovered Farm as I had the fantastic opportunity to live in Brasil for a year and a half and before that visited the country on a backpacking trip around South America, but those adventures I will share in future posts.  However,  I loved going into the shops of Farm while I was in Brazil, they were and I’m sure still are alive with colour, offering original Brazilian designs and an aura of happiness.  So when I heard that Farm was going to collaborate its Brazilian essence on some iconic Adidas designs I was quite interested to see what the outcome would be, which you can see for yourself below.  Some of these might just be enough to get me jogging again or working out next to the beach and thinking I’m still in Brazil, which isn’t a bad thing at all.



adidas-farm adidas-farm 3

adidas-farm 1

adidas-farm 4


Adidas x Farm Gazelle 95€ from Luisaviaroma 


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