In The Closet: Stealing From the Boys

Hi Lovelies,

Just wanted to share this Levi’s jumpsuit with you.  It was one of those that when I saw it I squealed and it was just me and the jumpsuit in the shop as I subconsciously knocked people out the way to get to it.

This piece is part of the Levi’s menswear Orange Tab collection and I have to admit it’s not the best for my body shape but nothing that a tailor can’t fix.


When I wear it with heels I LOVE the look of it, the problem is wearing it with flats and trainers.  The front pockets are placed quite low and they shorten my already short legs giving it a weird sense of proportion.  I thnk I will either shorten the pockets or accept it and play with the styling by bringing the focus up by wearing it slightly off the shoulder or open with a bralette or t-shirt underneath.  

Here are a few images that are inspiring me when it comes to styling this jumpsuit.


Vogue-Pattern-Mens-Jumpsuit Mens-Jumpsuit-Winter Mens-Patchwork-jumpsuit-trainers-street-style Short-Sleeve-Jumpsuit-Hat-Converse Denim-jumpsuit-socks-shoes

I love clothes that allow you to play and experiment which is something I have kind of forgotten when dressing over the past few years.  I’ve found myself trying to fit in, which is something that I’ve never been overly worried about before. I have also found myself in a creative rut which for me goes hand in hand with the whole fitting in problem but that’s a whole different blog post.

Bisous for now


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