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I think that any person interested in style must have heard about the well established American store J.Crew, especially as they prepare to hit the British high street with their first shop in London in November. I was quite pleased to hear about the opening as it was one of my regular hunts while in the US.   What I wasn’t so pleased to hear about was that UK costumers (and European e-store customers) will pay up to an extra 40% to that of customers shopping in the US.   An article in The Sunday Times noted that:

A women’s cashmere button-back sweater costs 259.12 dollars (169.80 pounds) if you’re a customer in New York. British buyers, however, pay 238.25 pounds, a mark-up of a staggering 40 percent. There is a similar mark-up on a men’s Ludlow club blazer costing 462.72 dollars (303.22 pounds) in America but 423.57 pounds for British customers.

It’s well documented that the brand is a favourite of the First Lady Michelle Obama  and the likes of TCHC style fave Solange Knowles, but is it worth paying the extra to have the same access to the American Brand? The company responded that:

‘the inescapable fact that costs in the UK are significantly higher than in the US’.

I would love to know what you think, would you pay the UK prices?  I’m not going to lie, I will visit the store when I’m in London and whether I purchase something at the marked up prices will simply depend on whether I think it’s worth it, if I can afford it, how much I want and talk myself into needing it.

You can see more from J-Crew on their website here where they also deliver to France.

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