Is it ok to shop in Primark if you live in the South of France?

I was browsing through Primark’s (or Primarni to my friends and I) Autumn/Winter collection and I wondered how would Primark go down here in the South of France with its image of luxe living and designer stores? Would people walk past with a look of disgust, would those that don’t know the store be in sheer shock of being able to buy designer inspired clothes for such value, filling their baskets limitlessly?

As these things tend to happen a week later I found out that Primark is to open its first store here in France, in Marseille this coming December.  The Marseille store is not going to have Hermès as its neighbor and will actually be situated in a mall just on the outskirts of the centre of Marseille. Since only a minority of the South’s residents fit the Ferrari driving, luxury yacht owning image that we associate with the South of France I think that Primark will go down well with the French. Like in the UK, the French have their own economic concerns and affordable, fashionable clothing is always appreciated by everyone; that coupled with a fascination for all things UK it’s bound to be a hit.

I am looking forward to this little bit of home being on my doorstep.  I do shop in Primark, and if  I see something that I like  in the store I’m not not going to buy it because it happens to be in Primark.  Also after viewing their lookbook for this season I might be the first one through the doors when they open here in France.  What do you guys think, is there a snobbery associated with shops such as Primark, do you or would you shop at Primark?

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The Primark Marseille Store opens in December  2013 at Le Grand Littoral, Avenue Saint Antoine, 13016 Marseille


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