Happy New Year, I hope that however you decided to bring in the New Year it was fantastic and inspired you too keep being fabulous for the rest of 2015 and beyond.

This new year I had the opportunity to celebrate with friends in Rome.  I have to admit I think it was probably the second best new year that I’ve had in my life thus far, with the first being a boat party in Rio de Janeiro (it’s going to be hard to beat that one, for me).  I’d previously only visited Rome for a short day trip, so getting the chance to get to know the city a bit more by night with friends was a beautiful and fantastic opportunity.  Hopefully I’ll get to visit again and spend a bit more time to explore the city in detail in the future.

I don’t tend to make new year resolutions, I just know the things that I have to do and achieve  and get on with doing them.  I feel that if I give myself a resolution I also give myself the chance to say “oh, everyone breaks new year resolutions”, so I give myself distinct goals that I will achieve during the year.  Do you guys set new year resolutions or goals?

Anyway I thought that I would do a little Instadiary of my quick visit to Italy, as you will see it included a lot of eating.

Italy 2 Italy 3 Italy 4Italy 5

The Coliseum |  I’ve forgotten the names of these, but they tasted so good | Caesar | of course pizza | beautiful places, the Trevi Fountain (currently in renovation) and the Altare della Patria |window shopping (Valentino and Fendi) | hot chocolate that you could stand a spoon in (yum yum)| caught by the boys having a make-up moment | keeping warm and more eating | Tower of Pisa and the cathedral | yet more food – Cannoli

So enjoy and Happy New Year again to you all and please don’t be a stranger, drop by whenever you want and you can also keep up with my day-to-day goings on, on my new Instagram account here.




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