Give a Book this Christmas: 10 Coffee Table Book Ideas

I love books and I especially love coffee table books. Not only do they look good but they are great conversation starters and give guests something to browse if you have to slip away for a minute or two; all that being said I don’t own any coffee table books.  I have spent recent years traveling and living out of a suitcase, so books were never really an option when it came to presents as I was continuously thinking about the weight of my cases.  Now I’m settled books are definitely on my christmas list.   Here are 10 classics that I’ve been admiring:

1. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty by Andrew Bolton and Harold Koda (Published by Metropolitan Museum of Art)

When an artist that I worked with bought this book into our wardrobe department, the first thing we asked was if he realised that he would have to carry it around in his suitcase for the next two months? Then we suggested that he left it with us to look after for a few days that turned into a week as we all poured over the images discussing the designs, fabrics, construction of the clothes and a multitude of other things.


2. Dior Couture by Ingrid Sischy and Patrick Demarchelier (Published by Rizzoli)

I nearly missed a flight looking at this book in Charles de Gaulle airport.  I got so absorbed in the beautiful images I totally lost track of time.

Dior Couture book

3. Chanel: Collections and Creations by Danièle Bott (Published by Thames and Hudson)

I recently got completely caught up in this book while browsing in a local bookstore, I was meant to be looking for French exercise books but got completely distracted and seduced by Chanel.


4.Annie Leeibovitz: American Music (Published by Random House Publishing Group)

I love photography especially portraits and Annie has that special thing where it seems that you can look right into the souls of her subjects in her photos.  This book is dedicated to the American musicians that she has had the opportunity to photograph from B.B King, The Roots, Willie Nelson, Dr Dre, Milles Davis and Mary J Blige.


5. Christian Louboutin by Christian Louboutin and Phillippe Garcia and forwarded by John Malkovich (Published by Rizzoli)

There is something that I find absolutely fascinating about Christian Louboutin, I don’t know why but I do.  This book gives you an insight on the man behind the infamous red sole.



6.Vintage Cocktails by Laziz Hamani (Published by Assouline)

I first saw this book while staying at a hotel, it gave me and my friends a lot of inspiration for the night’s drinks in the hotel bar.  How much fun would it be to have your friends over and work your way through what has been dubbed as one of the best cocktail books in the world…maybe messy, but good!

vintage Cocktails Book

7. The World According to Karl by Patrick Mauriés and Jean-Christope Napias (published by Flammarion)

I must admit I haven’t had chance to look through this book, but the world according to Karl how can it be wrong!


8. The Travel Book by and Published by The Lonely Planet

I remember getting lost in this book as a teenager,  it took me to places that at the time I could only imagine visiting.  I have since been lucky enough to do a bit of travelling, but I still have a lot more places that I would love to see and this book keeps on fuelling the imagination.


9. Vivienne Westwood by Claire Wilcox (Published by V&A Publishing)

I started reading this book at a friend’s house when it first came out and I actually ended up not being much company as I was totally engrossed in the world of Vivienne. With the rumour of another book about the British designer due to be released next year this is the perfect time to gift this one.


10. Wall and Piece by Banksy (Published by Random House UK)

I don’t know if this could officially be classed as a coffee table book but I’m throwing it in here anyway.  I use to live in Bristol, and a day would not go past when I wouldn’t see at least one piece of Banksy’s work.  I remember walking home up Park street after a night out, and the next day walking back down the street to see a newly painted piece by Banksy (the one with the naked man hanging out of his lovers window, while her husband looks out).   This is a book of memories as well as the works of one of the UK’s finest street artist’s.



All of these books are available on Amazon or get more inspiration at Assouline or Rizzoli Publishing sites or visit your local bookstore, who knows what you will find.

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