French Elegance with Mathilde M.

Recently my belle-mère (mother in law) offered me a beautiful gift set from Mathilde M., the set included the Fleur de douche, Parfum d’armoire and Parfum d’ambiance.  Mathilde M. is a French brand inspired by 18th century French elegance with a modern twist.  Their range includes cosmetics and perfumes, home decor pieces and a babe line.

The Fleur de douche is a body sponge that is gently and soft on the skin, they describe it as, ‘soft as a caress’.  The parfum d’armoire and d’ambiance are both scented tablets for your drawers and wardrobe, with it being possible to split the parfum d’armoire into smaller, individual pieces.  I love the scent, it’s very subtle, delicately sensual and elegant, just strong enough to detect a pleasant aroma when you open your wardrobe and drawers.

With the packaging, the perfume and the thoughtfully designed pieces it’s impossible for your inner sophisticated French woman persona not to reveal itself, even for a bit of a tomboy like me.  You can see more of Mathilde M. products on their website here, unfortunately it’s in French apart from the retailers page.  If you are in France, the brand is readily available with boutiques in Paris, Lyon and Mâcon and also from nationwide independent retailers.

Bisous for now


Mathilde M Set

Mathilde M. Tablette Parfumee Mathilde.M Corset


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