Flashback Friday: Mardi Gras

As it was Mardi Gras on Tuesday I though that I would do a little photo diary of when I had the opportunity to attend Mardi Gras a couple of years ago.  I was actually staying in Baton Rouge but thought it would be rude not to make the trip over to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and so glad that I did, it was CRA-ZY!  If anyone has ever been to Notting Hill Carnival in London imagine this 10 times bigger and wilder!  The costumes, music, the dodging of bead necklaces and the clash of hedonism and religious paraphernalia leads for some great memories.




#FlashbackFriday Mardi Gras Photo Diary6 #FlashbackFriday Mardi Gras Photo Diary2 #FlashbackFriday Mardi Gras Photo Diary3 #FlashbackFriday Mardi Gras Photo Diary4

#FlashbackFriday Mardi Gras Photo Diary7 #FlashbackFriday Mardi Gras Photo Diary11#FlashbackFriday Mardi Gras Photo Diary1 #FlashbackFriday Mardi Gras Photo Diary8 #FlashbackFriday Mardi Gras Photo Diary9 #FlashbackFriday Mardi Gras Photo Diary10

#FlashbackFriday Mardi Gras Photo Diary15 #FlashbackFriday Mardi Gras Photo Diary14 #FlashbackFriday Mardi Gras Photo Diary12


Decorated balcony// tree decorated with bead necklaces//street entertainer but love how the girl next to him has decorated herself with beads//street style from a New York couple attending Mars Gras//These boots were made for partying//the crowd//decorated street sign//religious sticker//my first corn dog and some sort of very large beverage //the calm before the storm//give me your beads//Borbon Street//how I felt at the end of the day


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