Boutique of the month: Miss Tinguette

One of the many things that I like about the French is that they are in full support of their artisans, which encourages many to open their own boutiques and gives endless pleasure to people like me discovering them. You don’t know what you will find such as Miss Tinguette in the artisan dominated town of Le Castellet.

This cute and welcoming boutique sucks you in as soon as you step through the door, with displays of jewellery strategically placed around the shop which helps to give it that cosy feeling.  You can’t help but be enticed by the colourful, painstakingly hand painted beads that adorned many of the pieces.

Furthermore you can watch designer and jewellery maker Elsa as she works away creating new designs.

You can see and buy more of the works of Miss Tinguette here or on Facebook here and to wet your appetite a few photos that I took while visiting Miss Tinguette.

Miss Tinguette4 Miss Tinguette3 Miss Tinguette5 Miss Tinguette8 Miss Tinguette7 Miss Tinguette9 Miss Tinguette6 Miss Tinguette2 Miss Tinguette1


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