Boutique of the Month: EPISODE

This month’s boutique is EPISODE based in the beautiful town of Cassis.  I love this boutique and love the friendly ladies that run and work there even more.

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Lets start with the decor which is cool, easy and modern, I absolute fell in love with the animal skin rug and pouf (I was trying to figure out how to sneak them out without the ladies noticing – just kidding).

EPISODE carries labels such as Isabel Marant, Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, Jerome Dreyfuss and MiH Jeans to name but a few.  Also if you’re a bit stuck and in need of a bit of inspiration,  just take a look at the up to the minute visual displays for guidance on achieving that laid back, cool, South of France coastal style. If that isn’t enough you can visit their sister shop across the road which has a more casual feel swapping out heels for trainers and espadrilles, swimming costumes and lady like floaty summer dresses, all the essentials for getting in to the summer spirit.

After making the biggest blogger/photography faux pas a couple of days earlier by pulling out my camera with a flat battery (doh and embarrassing!), I had to arrange another visit to the boutique. When I arrived to what was meant to be a quick in and out photo session ended up being a 2 hour chat.  I spoke with the lovely Sylvie and Noémie discussing all things style related from our favourite designers, southern vs Parisian style, British and American style, the economy and the effects on independent retailers, favourite bloggers and coveted designers pieces.  As always this discussion was saved by the ladies being able to speak a better level of English than I do French (will I ever be able to speak French fluently!)

So if your taking a trip to Cassis stop by EPISODE get some style inspiration and a little treat.

Bisous for now



EPISODE, 10 Avenue Victor HUGO, 13260, Cassis Tel: +



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