Back in the Game

Hi guys, sorry for the lack of posts recently but I took a visit to the land of French verbs for an intensive session.  The question is, can I speak French now?  Well that’s definitely THE question!  During the course I thought I was progressing then took a bit of a knock of confidence.  But thanks to my family and friends who went into confidence rebuilding mode I’m getting back on track. A visit to the local market this morning also helped, where instead of just buying what I needed and running away as quick as possible in fear of questions being asked that I would have to respond to in depth; I took the time and I had numerous conversations with  stall holders and other customers ALL in French and they understood me (or at least appeared to). I’ve also noticed that conversations with my French friends have become 80% in French instead of English.  OK, I’m far from being fluent and understanding everything, but I’m getting there slowly but surely.  The important thing is to NOT give up, it’s usually after you take the knocks that you come back bigger and stronger.  I think it is something that can also be applied to in all of life,  if there’s something you really want to do and it’s going to help improve your life or that of others, never give up!

The day that you achieve your goals is like nothing else, it doesn’t matter how little or big it maybe, you’ll have achieved it!


Anyway, there will be more about my journey with the French language next year (can’t believe it’s coming up to that time already), along with experiences from other expats and their adventures in their new lives in France.



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