All Dalí-ed up

The hubby and I decided to start the year somewhat spontaneously, after spending New Year with family and friends around the Montpellier area we decided to drive to Spain.  With no extra clothes packed, no accommodation booked and no idea where we were going to end up, off we went.  We found ourselves on the coastal road for the Costa Brava, it was only when we reached the town of Cadaqués (and with the  help of a signpost!!?!!) that we realised that we were practically on Dalís front door step, so how could we not go visit! Salvador Dalí was a Surrealist artist living from 1904-1989, and is best known for his paintings of melting clocks and his moustache among other things.

When we got to the beautiful little town of Portlligat we could fully understand why he decided to settle there with the love of his life, muse and wife Gala. We weren’t able to visit the museum that day as you have to pre-book (you can pre-book tickets online or over the phone), so we got tickets for the following day and explored the tiny port town.

We then headed along the coastal road for a while longer before heading to Lake Bayoles for lunch and a walk before making our way to El Port de la Selva to spend the night.  The next morning we had a look around the local market in La Selva before leaving for our allotted tour time at Casa Dalí.  Having previously visited the Teatre-museu Dalí in Figueres and the Dalí  Gallery in Montmartre Paris I was more than excited to get a more personal look into the life and mind of this innovative artist.  It did not disappoint, with its labyrinthine like layout we didn’t know what we would find next.  My personal favourites were his studio with the magnificent view, the floral lips sofa (picture on my Facebook page) and you can’t help but smile at the phallic shaped swimming pool.

We spent the remainder of our time in the neighbouring town of Cadaqués finishing our little travel.  So here are a few photos from the visit and you can see more of the interior of the house of Dalí on my Facebook page here, don’t forget if you would like to see more of my daily pondering, wonderings and inspiration on Facebook just click the ‘Like’ button.

Bisou for now


Casa Dalí4 Casa Dalí6 Casa Dalí10 CasaDalí11

CasaDalí13 CasaDalí12 CasaDalí15 CasaDalí16 CasaDalí17 CasaDalí19 CasaDalí20 CasaDalí21 CasaDalí22

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