Best at NYFW SS14

It is the madness of Fashion month and you can’t open a blog without being bombarded with images from the various fashion weeks.  I’m sorry but I’m going to join the pack with my own personal Top 10 of the fashion weeks.  So here we go with NYFW:

My 10 of The Best at NYFW ss14

The Show I Would Have Most Liked To Have Attended

For sure it would have to be Opening Ceremony, they made their preview at NYFW in style!  Held in an underground carpark the models entered the catwalk in their own Fast and Furious style sports car.  Having a guilty pleasure of watching the F&F films coupled with the sheer coolness of the show and the vibrant Korean influenced collection this would have been my show of choice.

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 Best Set

As you might be able to guess I like a bit of the theatrical, and I love when designers let their creative juices flow through not just in the clothes but also on creating a scene and atmosphere to show their collection. My favourite from this years NYFW was Marc Jacobs dark, post apocalyptic , playground/ beach.  What do you think about fashion show sets, do they add to the clothes or distract?

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Best Entertainment

I’ll have to go for the celebrity/musician option, which will have to go to Rebecca Minkoff for using the insanely stylish Janelle Monae.

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Best Front Row

The front row is now as frequently photographed as the actual collection that the front rows are attending, so who had the best front row in my option…Alexander Wang.  With the likes of Kanye, Solange, Terry Richardson, Zoe Kravitz and Courtney Love  it was a who’s who of rock and roll.

Solange nyfw ss14


James Goldstein NYFWss14 Zoe Kravitz Kanye NYFW14 Terry Richardson Miguel NYFWss14

Best Instagram Coverage

The larger than life stylist June Ambrose amused me with her antics with her BFF Mr Jay while providing images of the clothes that she favoured at the shows. Follow June here and also check out #juneandjay for more of the duo’s craziness.

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Best Hair and Make-Up

When looking at hair and make-up for Spring/Summer, I consider what I can see us here in the South of France wearing and also how it can be interpreted on different types of hair and skin colours.  Donna Karan summed this up for me with her metallic tones, flushed cheeks, focused lips and easy off the face hair.

Donna Karan nyfwss14a Donna Karan nyfwss14d

Donna Karan nyfw ss14 z Donna Karan nyfw ss14 x Donna Karan nyfw ss14 y 

Best Handbags

Handbags are such a big thing and with designers making the most of the shows by taking the opportunity to show us their takes on the next it bag, this was a difficult one. Michael Kors is the accessory king and did not disappoint with his collection of South of France ready oversized straw clutches.

Michael Kors nyfwss14 b Micheal Kors nyfwss14 c

Best Shoes

I like these Proenza leather gladiator style heels and flats for wearing in the SoF

Proenza NYFW SS14 c Proenza NYFW SS14 b Proenza NYFW SS14 Proenza NYFW SS14 d

Best…Hhhmmm, don’t think that I’ll  wear it to my local french market

As much as I love the theatrical and costume shows which I think are the real inspiration of opening your mind to dressing outside the box, practically sometimes they don’t merge very well with everyday life-like these designs by Threeasfour.

Threeasfour nyfw ss14 a


Best Most Likely to Wear in the South of France

This was a difficult one with perfect South of France pieces by Micheal Kors and Diane Von Furstenberg, my vote goes to Rebecca Minkoff for my South of France SS14 inspiration.

Rebecca Minkoff nyfw ss14 Rebecca Minkoff nyfw ss14 e Rebecca Minkoff nyfw ss14 c Rebecca Minkoff nyfw ss14 b Rebecca Minkoff nyfw ss14 f Rebecca Minkoff nyfw ss14 d

So that’s my round up of NYFW SS14, next will be London SS14.  I would love to hear what your best and worse were and what you think of my round up.

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